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Woodland Primary School

Woodland Primary School is a small school which includes a 3+ Pre School situated in a village in rural Teesdale.  We teach a broad and balanced curriculum, enhanced by a regular programme of visits and visitors.  In January 2013 our school was graded as an ‘Ofsted Outstanding School’ in all four of their categories!

We hope that your involvement with Woodland School will be a happy and exciting one for your child and all the family. Our aim is to provide the very best for your child within a caring school where everyone is happy, safe and secure. At Woodland Primary School we value each and every pupil and strive for continual improvement. We have high hopes for all of our pupils and, through our challenging, topic based curriculum, we are determined to develop the enquiring minds needed to help them fulfil their potential.

We believe that by working closely alongside parents and the community we can develop a fruitful and productive partnership to benefit all of our children. We trust that you will find this website interesting and that it will help you to understand what we are trying to achieve for the children in our care.

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