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Reading & Phonics

Reading/Phonics Overview


We use the Read Write Inc approach in order to teach synthetic phonics. The Read Write Inc approach teaches children to hear sounds, read the grapheme or graphemes (letters) that represent these sounds and blend them to read words.  You can find more information by visiting the Read Write Inc website.

Books that are read in phonics sessions at school will contain the sounds that the children have learnt and are matched to their phonics ability so that children can read more efficiently and fluently. Children will begin by learning the letter sounds and then once they have learnt all of the Set 1 sounds they will read a phonics book in their daily phonics session.

Your child will also have a book to read at home that matches their phonic ability.

We also listen to individual readers each week.

Guided Reading

Key Stage 1 children take part in guided reading sessions each week. The children read a book together and discuss it and answer questions which involve recall, inference, prediction and sharing and supporting their opinions. These books are matched to the phonic ability and home reading book.

We encourage the children to read at home for 10-15 minutes per day as it can have a huge effect not only on their reading development but also for their imagination, vocabulary development, creativity and also their emotional wellbeing.

If a child falls behind in their reading, we will help them to catch up by introducing:

  • Extra phonics teaching at their level of development
  • Extra 1-1 reading sessions
  • More specialist support if required.


Individual Reading

We use the Accelerated Reader programme. This means that as children become more independent readers, they can choose from a wide range of books, a book which interests and engages them but is well matched to their reading level. Once a child has read a book they will quiz on it answering a range of questions which assess their understanding of what they have read.

Accelerated Reader

Each child will have the opportunity to read in class on a regular basis.  This will be an opportunity for each child to read an age and ability appropriate book from our reading scheme or a book of their choice from a range at their reading level.

Guided Reading

Guided reading groups consist of a focused, teacher-led reading session.  This gives children the opportunity to interrogate a book together.  These sessions are ‘guided’ by the teacher or adult and children are encouraged to show their understanding of a text, make predictions, discuss characters’ feelings and author choices. We use the VIPERS system (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval and Summarise) during these sessions.


Class Books

We use a wide range of high-quality texts in class as part of our English curriculum. These range across fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and classic children’s books and a wide range of genres.

Reading Spine

Home Reading

All children are encouraged to read regularly at home, whether it be school reading schemes books, a book of their own choosing, magazines, comics etc. all of which can be documented in their home/school reading record.  You can help your child’s reading progress by ensuring that the words are read correctly and by asking questions about character and events in the text.