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Curriculum – PSHE & RSE


In the Dales Partnership, our intent is to build a PSHE curriculum which develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills which enables children to access the wider curriculum and to prepare children to be a global citizen now and in their future roles within a global community.

The PSHE curriculum is based around three main strands: living in the wider world, health and well-being and relationships. Pupils will be taught to stay safe and healthy, and build self-esteem, resilience and empathy as well as raise aspirations. The skills and attributes developed through PSHE curriculum will also help increase academic attainment, as well as improve employability and boost social mobility for children as they prepare for adulthood.


PSHE education is taught in discrete lessons, supported by other learning opportunities across the curriculum e.g., Science and R.E. Assemblies linked to Anti Bullying, e safety, mental and physical health etc. happen often, and we celebrate cross-curriculum projects such as Safer Internet Day and Antibullying week. Throughout the year we have visitors to school as well as trips out to broaden children’s opportunities. Evidence of learning is collected in Class floor books which children can talk about.


By the end of Year 6, we aim to achieve that our children have been equipped with a vast number of skills and knowledge to be successful citizens within our continuously developing world. We want our children to develop their personal skills and attributes, self-worth, esteem and emotional resilience. With these skills and knowledge, we can provide our children with capacity to seek support and guidance to ensure their safety, live respectfully within their communities and the wider world and create meaningful, positive and healthy relationships in their future.