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Curriculum – MFL


We intend to promote a love of languages through the provision of engaging activities which will foster the pupil’s curiosity and deepen their understanding of French and an appreciation of the culture. Prior knowledge will be built upon through carefully planned and sequenced activities. Our curriculum will enable the children to express their own ideas, thought and opinions in French and have the ability to respond to questions in both spoken language and as writing. Children will have  the opportunity to make presentations to their peers and families. We build a foundation for further language study through the skills and confidence the children develop.


French will be taught each week in KS2. Each year group will commence their French learning with a phonics unit. Lessons will include speaking, listening, reading and writing opportunities. Lessons will be planned to allow children to review prior learning, remember new learning, deepen and apply it.  Throughout units of work, teachers will make links and encourage children to make links between the children’s mother tongue and the target language, as well as their own culture and other countries’ cultures. Teachers will promote an enthusiasm for learning a new language, ensuring children are aware of the opportunities it can present.


The children will be able to understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources. They will speak with increasing confidence, fluency and find ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussion and asking
questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation Children will be able to record their ideas as writing using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learn. The children will discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in the language studied.

Dales Partnership Long Term Plan MFL